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Everyday, do our best, let God do the rest.


I wasn’t born with a silver spoon since young life wasn’t easy. We have to move from places to places because we do not have our own place to stay. My dad was not highly educated, have to earn money from odd jobs and he doesn’t spend lots of time with us.

To me, my dad is my hero. Because I know he is doing his best. At 17, I got myself a secure job working for the government. My father no longer has worry about me & I can bring money home. I train hard physically every day, although I am small in the frame make it up with tough lean muscles and no one dares to bully our family. I have plans for my future I am confident that there in life will be good.

Hit by Incurable Illness

However, at age of 22, I was hit with an incurable illness. Multiples sclerosis, in short MS. I encountered blindness, paralyzed from the chest down, lost of memory, server pain and nearly die from it. Within 2 weeks I lost 10kg including all my muscle I took years to train.

Many asked me how I overcame these. That is because I believed that this is not the end, I believed that there will be light at the end of the tunnel, I believe that everything happened for good reason. Because of my positive spirit, I was invited by media to share my story and to create public awareness about MS.

a new entrepreneur

I see hope when I come across an opportunity to be an entrepreneur. As a new entrepreneur with no capital, network & experience, I have my fair share of challenges. Perhaps more than others due to my physical disabilities.

However, instead of grieving over my lost and focus on what I have and make the best of it. Just like what Jim Rohn said ”When you are a lack of skills, compensate with effort”

Today I am humbled to say that I have achieved a small milestone with a happy family. I am deprived of many things during my childhood. Therefore I do not want my son to miss out on anything. I want to give my son the best education, travel around the world, mix with positive people. I may not be able to carry him, hold his hand like a dad, but I want him to be proud of me as a fighter and achiever in life.

If you feel that you deserve a better lifestyle, you want to make a difference. Go ahead, because God gave us the gift of unlimited potential, our gift to god is to make FULL use of the potential, it is our responsibility to live up the potential.

Do more than just make a living, go out to make a difference.