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Focus. Consistency. Self-discipline.

Those are the formulas that Alvn Phua live by when it comes to building a successful business. Alvn is an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and author. He has touched the lives of many, both locally and globally. Creating waves of empowerment by educating others on building personal development and achieving financial freedom. A life he has built for himself starting from the ground up.

Humble Beginnings

Life wasn’t all rosy growing up, he came from a poor family background which caused him to be deprived of a normal childhood. Most of the memories he could remember back then was moving in and out of houses for the sake of survival. After completion of his studies, he decided to join the armed forces in order to feel safe and secure in his career.

At the age of 22, Alvn was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis(MS), an incurable rare medical condition. It is a disease that can affect your brain, spinal cord and cause trouble with basic body functions. Most with MS will have relapsing-remitting disease course that develop over days or weeks. He suffered multiple disabilities and it almost took his life. At one point of time, he couldn’t recognize himself standing in front of the mirror due to severe weight and muscle loss.

Turning Point

For many, this would mean the end of the world with zero chance of a normal life. But not for Alvn. Fortunately, his incredible journey was just getting started. After all he was still in his early 20s. With a firm conviction that everything happens for a good reason, equipped with positivity, he was able to go beyond the ordinary. Instead of focusing on what he lost, he focused on what he has.

If you have a pulse, you still have a purpose.

However, he lost his job due to his condition and left to pursue entrepreneurship. It was difficult enough that he didn’t have any prior experience, capital or network. Having felt that he had to go through tougher times compared to other entrepreneurs. That was one of the many setbacks that he faced and learned invaluable lessons from.

“One of the dark sides of entrepreneurship was dealing with loneliness,” he said.

Other than facing loneliness in the early stages of his business, building a team was another challenge. Like they say, team work makes the dream work. This is essential to scale the business towards greater heights. Although in some cases it may take some time, it definitely pays to get the right people in your team.

He also explains how there were nights where negative thoughts would come creeping in as he was trying to get some sleep. Slowly sinking into self-doubt. He acknowledges how it is all part of the process and wouldn’t let anything stop him from achieving his goals.Especially not from his own thoughts. It takes another level of self-awareness to check yourself and get right back on track.

Embrace failure and have courage, because breakdowns create breakthroughs.

One of his biggest driving forces is his son, being able to be present in his son’s life. For he knew what it was like growing up without parents who are fully present during his childhood. Truly, time is our greatest asset.


There is no doubt that the education system in Singapore is great. However, Alvn believed that the schools are training students to become employees rather than an entrepreneur. If you are still finding your calling in life, don’t be afraid to question everything and explore other options. “There are so many soft skills that are not taught in the syllabus. The degree gives academic intelligence, but building soft skills is something you have to learn through experience,” he said.

He emphasizes on having a mentor. Make someone who already have what you want as a mentor and start somewhere. Find a practical way to make it work with your current situation. For all the aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone who has just started, you can learn so much just by googling. Yes, the first step is to acquire knowledge. The second step is the difficult part, execution. “With all the knowledge you have, you must take action,” he said.

The biggest lesson here is making a conscious decision to live your best life because remember, your goals and dreams don’t happen by accident. It is about getting back on your feet no matter what life throws at you. We often underestimate the power of our thoughts be it consciously or subconsciously. The small steps you take determine the outcome of your future. Alvn is a living proof that you can be successful even when you’ve hit rock bottom. Full gratitude is being content with what you have and making the best out of it. If you have fear, do it anyway.

Today, Alvn continues to create his own abundance against all odds. Thriving in the world of entrepreneurship and helping others along the way.

His upcoming book titled ‘I am Lucky! Although I nearly died thrice’ will be launching in June 2019.

“Do more than just make a living, go and make a difference.” – Alvn Phua

“My definition of happiness is to have health, love, freedom & to make a difference to others. My mission is to influence a community of people to be winners, to achieve happiness in life.  When everyone can teach others to do the same, the world will be a better place.”