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My Mentor

The fastest way to success is Model The Great.

If you want to achieve success, find someone else who has done it, figure out how they did it, do the same thing (or do better than him). Watch him like a hawk, learn everything but don’t worship him.

Believe you can surpass him, and forever be grateful to your mentors.

Adam Khoo – He runs 33 businesses. I learned about the importance of leverage and willingness to pay others
Patric Chan – The master of facebook & internet marketing
Billy & Steven – my brothers, business coach, life coach. Their teachings impacted me in huge ways
JT Foxx – When you are branded, people look for you, are willing to pay for you.
Dr Nathan Newman – The power of adult stem cells and how we can benefit from it
Calvin – A great network leader with 30 years experience. I learn about the importance of being humble from him
Randy Ray – How do you want to be remembered when we leave