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Alvn is an inspirational speaker, an entrepreneur and coming author. Over recent years he received multiple awards, and is recognized locally and internationally. Alvn’s success story is shared by many and his achievements allow him to travel around the world.

Many people thought he can make it because he has lots of resources, network or talent. But many do not know where he started from…

Alvn grew up in an extremely poor family. In his childhood, he never got to enjoy what a normal child should have. Life hit him harder at age 22 when he was diagnosed with a rare medical condition that caused him to have multiple disabilities. Not only he lost his health, he also lost his job.

With no capital, no experience, no skills and minimal network, he started his journey of entrepreneurship. His physical limitations made him go through more challenges than many others as an entrepreneur. But he never gave up. He believed that everything happened for good reasons, he believed success has a formula.

Today he enjoys giving coaching, training and his seminars always touch and empower many people’s lives. He truly believed that if he can do it, so can you! Because success has a formula.



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“My definition of happiness is to have health, love, freedom & to make a difference to others. My mission is to influence a community of people to be winners, to achieve happiness in life.  When everyone can teach others to do the same, the world will be a better place.”